Guidelines of how to deal with gambling

Do not be completely lost when you play. Here is some advice. If you do not feel like gambling yourself, do not let your friends talk you into it. Decide for yourself. Another important point is to set a clear limit on how long you will gamble and stick to it! This way you will keep an overview of your expenses. So there won’t be any bad surprises when you leave the casino.

If you are afraid that you will get carried away with gambling fever and cannot stick to the limits on your own, just ask some friends if you can play together. You should be able to trust this friend and that he or she will be able to carry you away if it gets too much.

If you are not sure that you can always keep control, do not go to gambling houses in the first place! Because always keep in mind that you can lose a lot of money. 

Some more do’s and don’ts

dealing with gambling

Do not be persuaded to wager money. Especially with online gambling, you only realize afterwards how much you have actually gambled away.

Do not make gambling debts and do not borrow money from friends! This should be your code of honor. To give a way a friendship is not the right way of starting gambling. It is more important to stay without debts. But this goes both ways.

Do not lend money to anyone so they can keep gambling. You are not doing anyone any favors, and debt puts a strain on any friendship. And they can lose everything and then they can not pay you back.

Do not gamble when you have been drinking alcohol. You risk losing a lot if you do not have a clear head. You will be clearly more euphoric and optimistic about your chances. But this comes from the alcohol. So better do not trust this. 

Do not gamble when you are in a bad mood, because then it is twice as hard to always make the right decisions.

Do not try to distract yourself from problems by gambling, or gambling will become a problem sooner than you think. There are better ways to distract you. Or just talk with a friend about your situation.

Tips for a more responsible way

Gaming rules

Do Not Treat Gambling As a Source of Income. Income you can never lose in the way of salary. But at gambling you can lose very fast and often. There are no guarantees. So it is not a stable way of getting money. 

Also it is recommended to gamble at Reputable Places. So maybe a place you already know or has good references. You can check this easily online. Because you want to make sure that you will have a good time.  

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