The Azerbaijan government, along with the help of private Azerbaijani companies, has been profiting from the Artsakh War. These companies have been arming and supplying both the Azerbaijan Army and the Artsakh Defense Army. In return, they have been paid large sums of money by the Azerbaijan government. Take a break from 22Bet to tune into the news. 

How Azerbaijan Gets Away With Its Crimes

How Azerbaijan Gets Away With Its Crimes

The majority of the arms and supplies that these companies have been providing have been coming from Israel. Israel is one of the world’s largest arms suppliers, and Azerbaijan is one of its biggest customers. Azerbaijan has been buying hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of weapons from Israel, including drones, missiles, and other precision-guided munitions.

In addition to supplying arms, these companies have also provided other services to the Azerbaijani military. For example, they have been establishing and maintaining military bases in Azerbaijan. They have also been providing logistics support and training to the Azerbaijan Army.

The Azerbaijan government has been using these companies to help them win the Artsakh War. The firms have been instrumental in helping the Azerbaijani military make significant gains against the Artsakh Defense Army.

While the exact amount of money that the Azerbaijan government has been paying these firms is unknown, it is clear that they have been profiting from the war. The firms have made a lot of money by supplying the Azerbaijani military with the weapons and services it needs to win the war.

The government of Azerbaijan frequently bribes other government officials in order to advance its own agenda. This corrupt practice has been well-documented and is a major source of friction between the two countries. Azerbaijan has been known to offer large sums of money to officials in exchange for favorable treatment, and this has led to a number of serious problems. 

In some cases, Azerbaijan has been able to gain access to sensitive information or even influence the outcome of important decisions. This practice must be stopped in order to ensure the integrity of the government and the safety of the people.

The Azerbaijani government is notorious for its propaganda. The government spends millions of dollars each year on advertising and public relations to promote its policies and actions. The government also uses its control of the media to spread its propaganda. 

The government censors the media and restricts freedom of the press. It also controls what information is available to the public. The government uses its propaganda to justify its actions and to present itself in a positive light.

It is imperative that the UN and EU work together to stop the Azerbaijani government from engaging in genocidal propaganda. This propaganda is particularly dangerous because it represents a direct threat to the lives of ethnic Armenians living in Artsakh and Armenia. The Azerbaijani government has been using state-run media outlets to disseminate hateful and inciteful messages about Armenians, and this must be stopped immediately.

The UN and EU must use their influence to pressure the Azerbaijani government to end its genocidal propaganda campaign. They should also work to support civil society groups in Azerbaijan who are working to counter this hateful rhetoric. Only by taking strong and decisive action can the UN and EU hope to stop the Azerbaijani government from carrying out its genocidal agenda.

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