Traveling around the world is one of the most interesting hobbies. Though, sometimes something might go wrong. And we are talking about dull moods or boredom as you can remove that by joining the 22Bet. We are talking about the places where tourists won’t be greeted as friendly as they want to be. Sometimes it is not about people.

       Islands are often seen as paradises. A place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty. However, there are some islands that are far from being a paradise and are instead incredibly dangerous. Here are four of the most dangerous islands in the world. 

Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico 

Isla de las Muñecas

       This small island in Mexico is home to hundreds of dolls, many of which are decapitated or missing body parts. It’s said that the dolls were hung there by a former caretaker in memory of the young girls who had drowned in the canal. The caretaker himself died under mysterious circumstances, and it’s said that his spirit now inhabits the island. Visitors report feeling uneasy on the island, and some say they’ve even seen the dolls move. 

North Sentinel Island, India 

     This island is home to the Sentinelese tribe, who have had virtually no contact with the outside world. They are incredibly hostile to outsiders and have been known to attack anyone who comes near the island. In 2006, two fishermen who drifted onto the island were killed by the tribe. In 2016, an American missionary who was trying to convert the tribe was also killed. The Indian government has now declared the island off-limits, and anyone who goes there faces imprisonment. 

Hashima Island, Japan 

Hashima Island, Japan 

       This small island was once home to a thriving coal mining community, but the mine was closed down in 1974. The island was then abandoned and has been left to decay ever since. It’s now a popular tourist destination, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. The buildings are crumbling and there are no safety features in place. In 2013, a teenager was killed after falling from a building, and there have been other accidents too. 

Easter Island, Chile

        Easter Island is one of the most remote places on Earth, and it’s also incredibly dangerous. The island is prone to volcanic activity, and there have been a number of eruptions over the years. In 1960, an eruption destroyed the island’s only settlement, and the island was evacuated. It’s now a popular tourist destination, but it’s important to be aware of the risks before visiting.

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