To Inrease your Chances when playing Lotto

The possibilities in the lottery are very limited: You pick the numbers and hope they will be the right ones. However, the chance of winning more can be improved by clever tipping.

Increase the chance of winning

Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the chance of winning: The numbers are selected purely at random, each number has the same probability of being drawn. Analyzing the winning numbers drawn so far to estimate the probability of future draws is not useful – the individual draws are independent of each other.

Many lottery players nevertheless bet on numbers that have fallen particularly frequently or particularly rarely in the past. The idea behind this:

Tip on argument

If the numbers have been drawn more frequently than expected, there must be a reason for this. They will therefore also occur more frequently in the future.

Rarely fallen numbers Numbers that have been drawn below average must eventually make up for this “backlog”, after all, in the long run, all numbers must be drawn the same number of times.

However, both views are wrong. The individual draws are independent of each other. The fact that individual numbers are drawn more often is purely coincidental.

Hoping for an “equalization” of the frequencies does not promise better chances either: The equalization could come only in years. You can find a more detailed explanation in our article on winning strategies in gambling.

Optimizing the amount of the win

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In fact, however, the amount of the win can be influenced indirectly – provided the right numbers have been hit. The amount of the winnings depends on the number of winners in this winning round: If several winnings are to be paid out, the amount of the winnings for the individual player is reduced.

Therefore, you should try to pick numbers that are rarely picked by other players. But how do you know which numbers these are?

Unpopular numbers are often located at the bottom left edge as well as at the right edge of the betting field. Apparently, people tend to neglect these numbers. An exception is always the number 7. As a “lucky number” it is chosen by very many people.

In addition, you should avoid filling in patterns or figures on the lottery ticket. Some of the lowest winnings in lotto history are due to such patterns – should one of the popular patterns win, the winnings must be shared with a large number of other players.

Does lotto pay off?

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In the lotto, only about 50 percent of the stakes placed are paid out again as winnings. This means that the player has to expect significant losses in the long run. Those who play the lottery regularly can only compensate for their losses by winning big – but this is very unlikely. Even occasional smaller winnings can only compensate for the high loss to a small extent.

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