Feeling the Spirit of a god

First, you can try slots with the theme of the old legends. There are certain themes that have an inviting fascination right from the start. These include historical or adventurous themes, similar to the Egyptian ones. Especially in recent years, slot machines that revolve around ancient gods or Norse mythology have become extremely popular. This trend also continued in 2021. There is hardly a player who has not played with Zeus, Poseidon or another Greek god. That will put you in the right mood. Because when did a god ever lose?

Those who love adventure will find it in slot machines that feature a South American theme. In the jungle, for example, reels with masks of the Mayans or Incas rotate, where the winning combinations burst. However, yetis, monsters and other figures from the history of mankind are also a particularly popular theme among players.

The more Adventurous Way

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The Wild West is another very popular one. It is more adventurous than almost anywhere else. This is exactly what seems to be popular with players, because Wild West slots are more popular than ever. The reason for this is mostly that these slot machines are graphically among the best ever.

In addition, the theme is taken up by the developers in many different ways. In some slots you play in a saloon, for example, in others the railroad or a mine plays the main role and still others play in the vastness of the prairie, where the Indians are at home.

Feeling Safe

Slot themes

Animal world brings to us a feeling of comfort and home. Man’s best friend is said to be his dog. The manufacturers seem to have found out just how fond of animals people really are. For example, there are slots that deal with pets such as dogs. Making your best friend a lucky charm. So you can lean back and just enjoy the game. 

Still other slot machines take the player to a farm. But wildlife is also a fascinating and thus popular theme. Some slots have bees buzzing around, for example. Others bring the steppes of North America, including cougars, bald eagles and even buffalo, into the home.

Several other game developers have reached a licensing agreement with Big Time Gaming and have also integrated this additional feature into their games. The special thing about slots that have the Megaways feature is that each spin has a different number of winning ways than the previous one. This is achieved by changing the number of rows per reel. In addition, Megaways slots often have an extra reel above the actual set.

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